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Dr. Joseph Muscolino


Hi there!
I’m so excited to be a featured speaker at the World Massage Conference this year. I’d love for you to join me.
It starts this Monday so if you haven’t registered already, you can do it now…

This is a “virtual ” conference. That means that it’s done online (and simulcast by phone if you’re not near a computer). You just log into the website and through the marvels of technology you are listening to some of the greatest educators from around the world live.
It’s super convenient. You can listen from your home or office. And if you miss any presentations, recorded replays are available to listen to online or to download to your MP3 player.
You can IM the presenter questions during their live presentations and can chat with most presenters personally in the chat room immediately after the event. This year the focus is more centered on techniques and treatments and there are some great videos associated with almost every presentation.
If you register now for the June 7th and 8th conference, you’ll get complimentary access to the Fall 2010 conference. It’s over 50 hours of continuing education. You can get free certificates of completion for CE purposes and if you need NCBTMB certificates specifically, these are available for a small one-time fee of only $25 per conference.
Reserve your place now by clicking this link…

You can download a printable schedule for the Spring 2010 from the home page of the site. I’m going to be joined by some of the top authors, educators and thought leaders afrom around the world:. Here’s just a partial list of some of the 2010 presenters:
Eric Dalton – The 42-Pound Head; Sandy Fritz – Documentation for Better Outcomes; Andrew Biel – Trail Guide to the Human Body; Til Luchau – Banishing Headaches; Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio – Muscle Energy Technique; Mary Nelson – Founder of La Stone Therapy; Robert Schleip – International Fascial Congress Report; Laura Allen – Ethics in Massage Therapy; Doug Alexander – Nerve Mobilization; Thomas Myers – Anatomy Trains; Dr Leon Chaitow – Research in Massage and Bodywork; Natalie Celia – Bamboo Fusion; Dr Joe Muscolino – Assessment through Palpation; Bruce Baltz – Active Isolated Stretching; Cherie Sohnen-Moe – Women in Bodywork Busines; Ruth Werner – Women in Bodywork Business; Diana Thompson – Record Keeping for MTs; Whitney Lowe – Orthopedic Assessment; Michael Buck – Vedic Thai Yoga; Ben Benjamin – Treating Low Back Pain; and many, many more…
For complete information and to register go here now:

One last thing, they are doing a draw for $1,000 in prizes: Massage equipment and supplies including a new massage table package. If you register soon, you may still be eligible.
I’ll see you at the conference,
Joe Muscolino
PS Oh yes, one more thing… Feel free to forward this email to your friends and colleagues. This is something they should know about.

New articles and workshops! 🙂

I am holding a number of cadaver labs and anatomy in clay workshops this month in Connecticut. If you are interested, please go to my website (www.learnmuscles.com and go to the workshops page) and look at the dates and topics.
Also, I have three articles that published this month. Working from the Core Body Mechanics in Massage Magazine, and performing Neck Traction AND Stretching for Massage Therapists in the massage therapy journal (mtj). Happy reading. If you do not have these magazines, there are pdfs of the articles on my website (see the articles page).

Joe Muscolino

Hi Folks,

I will be presenting “Using Palpation as an Assessment Tool for Orthopedic Massage” at the World Massage Conference webinar Monday, June 7th, at 10:00 PM EST. If you would like to participate and earn CE credit hours from the NCB, sign up. Go to my website (www.learnmuscles.com) for the link to sign up.

I hope you can join me!


Joe Muscolino

Hello everyone,

I am looking to create some home-study courses and need to do a “pilot study” for the ncbtmb. So, I am looking for 5-7 volunteers to participate. It would involve reading chapters of my kinesiology textbook and then taking the quizzes. You would receive the CE credit for this…and if you do not have the kinesiology textbook, I will send you one that you could keep.
Anyone interested? You could email me at jemredd@optonline.net


Joe Muscolino

Hi everyone,

I just uploaded a new quiz yourself figure for the muscles of the anterior thigh on my website (www.learnmuscles.com). Just go to the “quiz yourself” section and you will find it.


Joe Muscolino

Hello everyone,
I have not been active for some time due to writing commitments, but I would like to let you know that my most recent column article in the mtj just came out and is excellent! It is titled “Seven Keys to Healthy Neck Posture” and if you do not receive the mtj, there is a pdf of it on my website (www.learnmuscles.com); just go to the articles page and it is at the top.
It discusses and illustrates the seven most common postures that are unhealthy for the neck, and then follows with an illustration of the posture corrected.
It is ideal to copy and hand out to your clients!
Happy reading!